Week 3 - Filled Full

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Your challenge: to read a story about Jesus each week during Lent
and chat about it at home and on-line with your Cityside friends



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‘Filled Full’
The story of feeding 5000 people, from Matthew 14, Mark 6, and Luke 9

p244 The Jesus Storybook Bible

What do you think Jesus’ friends learned in this story?

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Elsie: That Jesus could make enough food, no matter if it was so small amount of food.  Jesus could look after people who were very hungry.  

Cara: i liked it how jesus made so much food that there were still 12 baskets left over.

Alice: that Jesus could feed people even if there wasn't enough food.

Jed: that there was enough food.

Ellice: The disciples learned that Jesus could make miracles.  I liked reading that story.

Emily S: They learnt that Jesus could ask for the holy spirit on the food and it could be broken into many.

Fern:  The disciples learnt that there was enough to share.

Maja: I like your story Fern, it was cool.

Caspian: That Jesus can do amazing things

Zoe S: To not follow around after jesus all the time - the amazing part was that a tiny bit of food can feed lots of people.

Rose: Jesus's friends learned that they could always trust him, whatever the matter was.

Brian: Jesus's friends learnt that they don't need to be afraid because Jesus is always there. They learnt that they shouldn't be doing that because there's always food and food never ends.

Jessica: That if Jesus is there it didn't matter what, they'll get what they need. 

Maja: That they shouldn't say "you have a little lunch, that won't be enough" - it was like they were making fun of the boy. They should have said "it's enough". They would learn that it all works out in the end.

Luca: They learned that Jesus could do magic.

Eden: that God can bless the food and make it come down to earth.

David: I learnt that if you believe and trust in him anything can happen 

Sharon: I like it when everybody had food, because they looked happy.

Michelle B:  I like the part when Jesus fed 5000 people. It was a miracle.