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The Cityside Baptist Community Website

We seek to be a transforming community following in the Way of Jesus Christ, through practices of prayer, hospitality, and engagement in our world - local & global.

We hope to nurture depth, beauty and vitality in ourselves and in the world around us.

We aim to sustain and resource Christian practice, and work towards the restoration of all of life.

Cityside: thinking allowed; thinking aloud allowed.

If you have questions or comments, please contact us.


Please note that as of Sunday 19th April 2015
our services start at 10:00am

<img alt="" src="/userfiles/image/Brian McLaren - ppt slide and poster.png" _cke_saved_src="/userfiles/image/Brian McLaren - ppt slide and poster.png" style="width: 650px; height: 488px; /></p> <p>  </p> <p class=" rtecenter"="">  </p> <p class="rtecenter"> </p> <p class="rtecenter"> <a href="/projects-events/beatitudes" _cke_saved_href="/projects-events/beatitudes"><img alt="Beatitudes collaborative art work - 2014" src="/userfiles/image/beatitudes-2014/all-small.jpg" _cke_saved_src="/userfiles/image/beatitudes-2014/all-small.jpg" style="height:501px; width:450px"></a></p> <p> A view of the beatitudes collaborative art work, 2014. For details about the piece and talks from the artist, see the <a href="/projects-events/beatitudes" _cke_saved_href="/projects-events/beatitudes">beatitudes page</a>. In reflecting on these works, you may find the <a href="/projects-events/beatitudes/reflections" _cke_saved_href="/projects-events/beatitudes/reflections">sequence of reflections</a> used in the service helpful.</p> <p> <br> <!--{cke_protected}{C}%3C!%2D%2Dbreak%2D%2D%3E--></p> <p></p>